Apache creation story

Animals, elements, the solar system, and natural phenomena are revered by the Apaches. That which is beyond their understanding is always ascribed to the supernatural.

In the beginning nothing existed–no earth, no sky, no sun, no moon, only darkness was everywhere. Apache creation story »»

Wichita creation story

As told by the Wichita chief, Towakoni Jim, to George Dorsey

In the beginning there were neither sun, nor stars, nor anything else that we know today. For a long time, the only man was Man-never-known-on-Earth. He created everything. When he created the world, he created land and water, but they were not separate, and still everything was dark. Wichita creation story »»

Seneca creation story

As told by Abraham Johnny-John, Solomon O’Bail, George Titus, George Armstrong, Zachariah Jimeson, Andrew Fox, Henry Jacob, Henry Silverheels, Peter White, Black Chief, Phoebe Logan, Truman Halftown, and Chief Priest Henry Stevens

Long ago, before this earth existed, humans lived in the sky, and they were ruled by a great chief. This chief’s lodge was near a tall tree that had white blossoms and that every year produced corn for the people to eat. When this tree bloomed, there was light, but once its blossoms fell, darkness descended until its next flowering. Seneca creation story »»

Hawaiian creation story

This story comes from Hawaii, where it was part of the Kumulipo, a chant recounting both the origin of the world and the genealogy of Hawaii’s reigning family. The Kumulipo is a work of poetry with many shades of meaning and plays on words, and it also contains many subtle parables and parodies of rivals of the royal family. Hawaiian creation story »»

Potawatomi creation story

Earthmaker made the world with trees and fields, with rivers, lakes, and springs, and with hills and valleys. It was beautiful. However, there weren’t any humans, and so one day he decided to make some. Potawatomi creation story »»

Menominee creation story

When Mashé Manido, the Great Spirit, first made the earth, he also created a large numbers of manidos or spirits. Some of these spirits were benevolent, but many were malevolent, and they went to live beneath the earth. Kishä Manido, the Good Spirit, was one of these spirits. Menominee creation story »»

Jicarilla Apache creation story

The Jicarilla Apache creation story tells of the Creation and the emergence of the Jicarilla people, and the sacredness of the number four. Jicarilla Apache creation story »»

Cherokee creation story

 As told by Ayúnini (Swimmer) to James Mooney

The earth began as nothing but water and darkness, and all the animals were in Galúnlati, above the stone vault that makes up the sky. Eventually Galúnlati became so crowded that the animals needed more room, and they wanted to move down to earth. Not knowing what was below the water, they sent down the Water-beetle to explore. Cherokee creation story »»

Hopi Creation Story

 As told by Oraibi Elders

The world at first was endless space in which existed only the Creator, Taiowa. This world had no time, no shape, and no life, except in the mind of the Creator. Eventually the infinite creator created the finite in Sotuknang, whom he called his nephew and whom he created as his agent to establish nine universes. Hopi Creation Story »»

Medicine man of the 21st century

by Kirsten Scharnberg, Chicago Tribune

Albert Laughter is a fifth generation medicine man from the Navajo tribe. He has trained most of his life to treat the people of his tribe with traditional healing methods and natural herbs. But these days, he is employed by the Federal Government to treat military veterans suffering from the trauma of combat. Medicine man of the 21st century »»

Moving ancient rocks would destroy their spiritual significance

AUTHOR: Erik Siemers, Tribune Reporter

To the American Indians who hold them sacred, the seven rocks in the way of Paseo del Norte’s westward expansion aren’t inanimate stones. They’re alive. They’re connections to their sacred earth that can’t be replicated 100 feet away. Moving ancient rocks would destroy their spiritual significance »»

Protection ceremony for San Francisco Peaks

AUTHOR: Somana Yaiva, The Observer

Amidst the dust and set into the backdrop of the San Francisco Peaks, the Navajo Medicinemen’s Association held a weekend long ceremony over April 21 through 23 for the safeguarding and continued protection of the sacred San Francisco Peaks. Protection ceremony for San Francisco Peaks »»