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Gang Graffiti Sprayed on Petroglyph National Monument

Gang tags were spray-painted on at least eight large basalt boulders at the edge of the Petroglyph National Monument but none of the ancient petroglyphs was damaged, the monument’s superintendent says.

King salmon not returning to Alaska in record numbers

Yukon River smokehouses should be filled this summer with oil-rich strips of king salmon — long used by Alaska Natives as a high-energy food to get through the long Alaska winters. But they’re mostly empty. The kings failed to show up, and not just in the Yukon.

Medicine man of the 21st century
by Kirsten Scharnberg, Chicago Tribune

Albert Laughter is a fifth generation medicine man from the Navajo tribe. He has trained most of his life to treat the people of his tribe with traditional healing methods and natural herbs. But these days, he is employed by the Federal Government to treat military veterans suffering from the trauma of combat.